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Social Media Management vs. Social Media Marketing:  Is there a difference?

Most people assume that Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing are interchangeable. Yes, they are very similar. But, I'm here to tell you that there is a distinct difference.

Social media management is passive. Social media management is what most business owners, their spouses/partners, and kids do for their business. In most cases, they're simply maintaining the page by posting, scheduling posts, and responding to their audience on social media channels. To add, responding to questions, engaging in conversation with customers and posting with no intention or objective behind it. Essentially, 80% of their activity consists of boring, non-relevant posts and idle conversation. Many times, they don't even manage properly. Having someone managing your social media passively keeps your online presence alive.

Social media marketing is active. Social media marketing is what marketing professionals and marketing savvy owners do in their business. You need purposeful communication with your customers that actively convey your business brand, shows off your products or services and provides tangible results in the form of brand awareness, brand engagement and of course sales. Essentially, 80% of their activity consists of engaging, relevant posts that intend to create some type of action from the prospect or customer. Having someone doing Social media marketing for your business actively expands your market share, drives new leads/customers into your business and actively grows your local online presence every week.

You need social media marketing not social media management. Don't get me wrong, it's BEST to have both in place working in tandem. But if you only had time and/or money for one choose Social Media Marketing, because it pays for itself.

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