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Why Marketing is the Key to Restaurant Success

If business was comparable to the game of chess, marketing would surely be the queen. While in the game of chess the queen is the most powerful piece on the board, marketing certainly is the most powerful aspect of any business. Marketing includes advertising, promotions, public relations and sales. It is vital to communicate your product or service to customers in order to make sales. Everything else can be right but if your marketing is not effective not enough people will even know your company for you to make enough sales to remain in operation.

Creating awareness and a lines of communication to your audience is #1 in business success. I've seen hundreds of restaurants with excellent food close its doors due to no or poor marketing. I've seen hundreds of businesses with ok food over the years who've made millions because of excellent marketing. One local restaurant here in New Orleans comes to mind. They were named one of the fastest growing businesses in New Orleans. While I have tried them for myself, most people I've talked who have says their food is just ok, yet they're doing 7 figures in gross revenue annualy. To me that is simply amazing. The first step to generating sales in business is to have an effective marketing strategy. Obscurity in ANY business equates to checkmate or GAME OVER.

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